Dear Square-Enix: Please Move On…

When Hammer of Games of State asked on twitter if anyone he knew had completed FFXIII and would play FFXIII-2 I thought he was referring to Final Fantasy XIII Versus which is AFAIK yet to be released, but no, Squeenix have decided that Final Fantasy XIII wasn’t bad enough they are making a sequel… Seriously…

The internet is already teeming with whiny fanboys asking why they didn’t do a sequel of one of the good Final Fantasies so I’m not going to go there. I guess it makes sense, you spend millions developing the IP and Models for a game these days why not write a sequel to the game and recycle the characters and 3D models? Meh… I actually care so little about this I can’t be bothered ranting about it, that is saying something…

On a completely unrelated note is the music at the end of that video not from Bleach?

Via YouTube – Final Fantasy XIII-2 Debut Trailer.

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5 thoughts on “Dear Square-Enix: Please Move On…”

  1. Actually, I don’t think SqE do develop IP well. Compare the Final Fantasy series and Halo (or MGS): both Halo and MGS have characters who are immediately identifiable (Master Chief and Solid Snake) and who transfer across nearly all of the game series. Final Fantasy doesn’t have this at all (with the exception of the Chochobos). I strongly suspect that both Halo and MGS also make more selling things like action toys and statues then FF does, since it lacks such a clear identity.

    Really if SqE had more balls, they’d do very occasionally Final Fantasy games and have most of the current Final Fantasy games as standalone titles. It’s a bit like if Rockstar had used the Grand Theft Auto brand for Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire rather than letting the games stand on their own merits.

    They’d also have been better, I suspect using the custom developed engine for FFXV or other games rather than flogging a rather boring horse.

  2. @Omar

    All that means is that Final Fantasy VII has a very strong IP. No wonder since they made a rather good movie linking into the game and were still releasing FFVII branded games in 2008.

  3. I think Square have realized that if it doesn’t have the name Final Fantasy attached to it then it wont sell.

    Initially when I meant strong IP I didn’t mean in a marketing sense I meant in a quality sense. The Graphics For the latest and greatest Final Fantasy game (with the exception of XII) are usually the best that can currently be done on a system. They also spend millions developing a rich world and mythos (both graphically and creatively) from their point of view it makes sense to reuse those graphics/locations/characters while they writing the next Final Fantasy.

    Unfortunately because they don’t get their lead writers working on the script the result is more like a fan-fic than an original Final Fantasy game…

    They are keeping the Final Fantasy VII cash cow alive with a slew of spin off games (Cirge of Cerebrus, Crisis Core) as well as the feature length movie and an animated prequel, because people buy that and are obsessed with it, I know more than one person with Cloud tattoos…

    Why is FFVII so special? I’d guess because it was a lot of people’s first exposure to the series, it hit at the right time on the right platform. Japanophillia was in it’s infancy but there was a critical mass of people who had never played a Final Fantasy game but were ripe for conversion. Also it was the first 3D outing of the series, and in it’s day was a technical marvel. The original hasn’t aged well graphically, though it’s aged better than later iterations because it used a Super Deformed style which meant the characters didn’t have to look realistic. This isn’t reflected in newer models though, as they all seem to take inspiration from the artwork in the manual and the movie.

    Anyway I said I wasn’t going to rant about this, and look you’ve made me rant about it…

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