Flashback: GMT: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 01:57:32 GMT

This is another flashback/archived post from my old blog… For reference sake the link at the start is a ridiculous multi monitor setup.
Again the only modifications I’ve made to this is correcting spelling.

Um blah I want One of these now that I have gotten that off my chest 4 pound to get into town today, then again given the taxi debacle yesterday i am glad I managed to find a cab straigt away woke up meandered about the flat and all of a sudden it was 20 to 4 and I had just come out of the shower 20 minutes to dress and get to king tuts. woo made it in record time did load in for The Jevas and farted about for twenty minutes tried to read my book got roped into counting T-shirts by their TM (Tour manager) and uh put a hole in their merchandise Table (oops).

Nic Armstrong (no web link because all the google links to them are in reference to The Jevas gigs and to someone else who has nothing to do with them) appeared at about uh half five-ish half an hour to load them in, really nice guys must say I hope they do well didn’t get to see them because I was doing security on the back stairs of tuts, but really nice guys… I got them on the Guest list at the QM so hopefully they A) managed to find it and B) Enjoyed themselves… Went to Rufus for Breakfast at half sixish and went back to Tuts Apparently I am supposed to get Stuart’s (There is only one now at Rufus) Girlfriend Gemma on the guest list for the KIngs of Leon at the academy. Will do my best but it’s a while away so he’d better remind me.

Back to Tuts for gig busy busy busy hundred things to do all of a sudden and uh managed barely to get venue prepped for gig mainly because the Nic Armstrong guys had left their kit all over the place in tuts and it had to be taken up to their van.

did gig backstairs not much fun, but heard the guy for the Jeevas warming up his voice which was amusing, did security side of stage for the main show the Jeevas are nto that bad, I think my first impression was that they would be like Kulashaker which I don’t think they are but then I don’t know….

Did the load out after a bit a faff and went to Budda to meet Chuck who was cashing up, after he cashed up we went to sleepless on Sauchihall street and stuff. Walked him to a bus stop and left him as the bus picked him up, managed to barely catch a 66 on Great western road and the driver was kind enough to let me ride for free, bonus makes up for having to pay 4 quid to get into work…

So I haven’t done much today but Um I am really tired so I’m off to bed all the same if you read this far you are more bored than I am as I am just doing a brain dump to mull over my day. This is kinda like a dear diary I guess but not as private… Or am I making this all up who cares…

Need to come up with an interface for the main site and fuck about with this blog program to make to look nice and consistent. apart from that I’m away to either bed or Photoshop… Depends on what happens when I stand up…

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