Have Nintendo Missed a Trick with the 3DS?

I just had a thought that would make the 3DS awesome! unfortunately I think it’s too late to add it as a feature to the 3DS… The 3DS has a 3D screen, and WiFi and can take 3D pictures using the camera’s on the back of the device. unfortunately there is only one camera on side facing the user… If there were two… 3D Video chat! It would be like having a space age communicator thing in your hands! Oh well we’ll have to wait for the next generation, or an add on.

I’m not going to go into my thoughts on the pricing of the 3DS aside from the fact that I think it’s too expensive in the UK, $110 more than the US price… Seriously? What a rip off… I’d import on except for the fact that they are region locking it. At least the region locking is apparently optional and up to the game publisher, but also the store is different on a region by region basis, and I assume I’d want the UK store…

As it is I’ll probably wait it out till the price drops.

One cool note is the 3DS apparently has a web browser but it’s not preinstalled. You can apprently switch out of a game to browse and then switch back in, which as Kotaku rightly mention is perfect for looking up FAQs online

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2 thoughts on “Have Nintendo Missed a Trick with the 3DS?”

  1. The battery life is only 6 hours on 3D. 3D video chat would eat through that in half the time I reckon.

  2. Talk Time on a mobile phone isn’t much better. Plus you could just plug it in.

    I acknowledge that the battery life on the 3DS is approaching Gamegear levels of absurdity, I heard 3-5 hours with 3 hours to charge… If the battery doesn’t last a the length of a flight across the Atlantic then it’s pointless… I predict the first peripheral to be released will be an extended battery case or one that takes Double AA batteries.

    Speaking of Gamegears… I wonder how much they are on ebay…

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