Story Idea: Outsource your people

I had a quick idea for a story, set in a dystopian future. The entire world is in disarray, there has been a population explosion and the world’s resources can’t cope with it. There is one country that has managed to thrive in the midst of the chaos. In order to combat over population, they have mandated that all citizens are sterilized.

With over population no longer an issue they have thrived, the one problem they have is replacing the people that die/retire from work. For this problem they have come up with a novel solution, they outsource their population. When an opening for a child becomes available families can apply to become parents, the application process is long but comes with financial benefits, as the government pays you money to raise children.

Where do the children come from if everyone is sterilized? From other poorer countries, the government pays people in other countries for their babies. In doing so the family of the baby not only gets the money for the baby, but they can also rest assured that their child will live a better life in the utopian country.

I’m of two minds of the adoption bit, as part of me also sees Brave New World like nurseries being developed where the children spend their entire lives being prepared to do certain jobs, in this version of the idea the families pay for their child to have a better life and how much they pay gives them different social status. Perhaps particularly good genetic stock could receive the equivalent of a scholarship?

Anyway that idea is incubating who knows it might come to something.

Author: Omar

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2 thoughts on “Story Idea: Outsource your people”

  1. You’ve got something there, but you need to really hammer home the poorer countries aspect and the dark angles there.

    Clearly some people in these countries are going to have babies just in the vain hopes that they will be able to sell the child on in return for a small fortune. The two issues that come out of that are:
    1. This thriving country is actually causing more overpopulation in countries where the adults have cottoned on to the scheme.
    2. Adults in these other, poorer countries will definitely be using their monies for other morally-questionable acts, like drugs.

    You’ll have a world where women whore themselves out just to get pregnant in order to sell their baby so that they can buy more crack, or maybe buy some other more wonderful drug that you invent in the story line (maybe the organisation that arranges the adoptions in the affluent country fronts the drugs trade in the poorer countries! This could be a very visceral commentary on Nestle’s questionable tactics abroad).

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