Ryu Murakami Chimes in On the Crisis in Japan

I love Ryu Murakami’s first reaction to the quake:

The earthquake hit just as I entered my room. Thinking I might end up trapped beneath rubble, I grabbed a container of water, a carton of cookies and a bottle of brandy and dived beneath the sturdily built writing desk. Now that I think about it, I don’t suppose there would have been time to savor a last taste of brandy if the 30-story hotel had fallen down around me. But taking even this much of a countermeasure kept sheer panic at bay.

I have an awful lot of respect for Ryu Murakami (not to be confused with Haruki Murakami who is better known in the west) and I’ve read a few of his books, in this New York Times article he chimes in on his opinion of what is is going on in Japan at the moment.

In short: The Japanese people are openly helping each other out and standing together, but some people are being a little selfish when no one is looking by hoarding food and petrol. But above all the attitude of the people seems to be one of hope.

Via Amid Shortages, a Surplus of Hope – NYTimes.com.