The Sanctity of Paper

It’s weird I quite often carry around a note book but I don’t like to write in it. There is something sacred about an empty notebook, those first few pen strokes in a new notebook break a seal, but to me there is a certain amount of inertia to breaking that seal, I don’t know why, but it’s difficult. Once I’ve written something in a notebook it’s fine, but those first few words are difficult.

It’s like you have to write something that is worthy of the notebook to christen it or to steal it’s virginity. Why is it that a wad of paper holds so much power over me? I often come up with idea’s that I’d like to note down but I don’t because I don’t think that they are worthy of putting in a notebook. I don’t feel there is any issue like this with putting something down in digital form. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’ll write any old crap here, I also note stuff down on my phone all time, but putting down the thoughts in a notebook just isn’t easy.

Why is this? Does anyone else experience this?

Author: Omar

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One thought on “The Sanctity of Paper”

  1. Yep, I do that all the time too, I thought it was just me!!! I sit with pen poised above paper, but can’t – quite – put – ink – to – paper! Hence why I do most of my writing these days in scrivener (beta now out for Windows) and take notes or quick ideas on my phones.

    I have countless notebooks at home which are blank. There is still something nice about actually ‘writing’ on paper that computers just can’t match.

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