Amazon UK’s riot gear sales soar



Apparently sales of aluminium baseball bats on Amazon have gone up 6000% due to the London riots…

I had a look at the list just now and it looks like the items on the movers and shakers list are for the most part part stuff you can use for self defense, although the top item is currently a camping stove:

The next few Items are mainly baseball bats, nunchucks and other hitty things…

Hopefully by the time they arrive in the post they wont be required.

I’m surprised that there are no cricket bats on the list, this being the UK, although I am heartened to see that one of the items is not a baseball bat but in fact a rounders bat.

I wonder if in the aftermath of the riots there will be a sudden interest in people playing baseball in the UK? at least one of those kits comes with a ball…

See the list for yourself here it’s nice to see that despite the chaos a trampoline and a hammock still make the top 20…

Although it looks like it’s just the netting for the trampoline, I wonder if people are using it to seal up their houses and shops.

The comments on the reviews don’t leave you under any illusions as to why there has been a sudden rise in the purchase of these items:

I think a solid wooden one may do more damage, but these pretty good. The grip is very firm.

This item also doubles as a bat, for playing rounders. [link]


I never go to Hackney or Salford, without it. It feels much more solid than a wooden bat, and makes a substantial impact when it hits a ball or bone-like structure. I store it under my bed, for easy access.

Either size is fine [link]

Via CNN MoneyAug