Goomba and Mushroom Cupcakes!

Hot on the tails of the post about the Super Mario Bros cupcake tower I posted yesterday  is these awesome Goomba cupcakes by deviant art user tomo-chi. Apparently she ( I assume it’s a she in this Genderless age who can tell though) got such a kind reaction to them that she also went and made some Mushroom cupcakes to go with them:

I like the use of green cones as pipes…

 by ~tomo-chi on deviantART.

TARDIS Corset (She’s bigger on the inside)


I saw this on Tumbler and reblogged it yesterday, but I thought I’d revisit it here as I have a wider audience (2 readers rather than 1). I followed the trail or Tumbl’s and re-Tumbl’s back to Nerdist and found that they had made the same joke I’d initially made when I re-Tumbled (reblogged?) the post on Tumblr about corsets and the TARDIS and how the contents of them were bigger on the inside…

Either I’m in synch with Nerdist’s humor or it’s an obvious analogy, or both…

Via Nerdist

Mystique is a Smurf?




I’ve seen this image before but this is the first time that I’ve actually read what the smurfs are saying and it clicked in my brain what it was implying about Mystique’s belt of skulls…

I didn’t know that smurfs had golden bones, or is it just their skulls that are gold, either way I can see now why Gargamel wants to collect them so much now.

I wonder what Mystique’s smurf name was? Answers in the comments…


Never let it be said that I lack in attention to detail and attribution… I found the source of the image, it’s by deviant art user caanantheartboy, from the description:

This week’s Line is Drawn piece on CBR.

The theme was, dun dun DUN… “dramatic reveals!” I chose “Mystique, your real father is… Papa Smurf!” I didn’t do exactly what the theme suggests, but went for something different.

…Where DO those tiny skulls come from?

Via Comics Cavern.

Final Samurai VII





What I love about this T-Shirt is the fact that I saw it thought up a title to use for a blog post about it and then looked at the name the artist had given it and found that they had called it the same thing. What I don’t like about it is that it’s only available for 24 hours and I can’t afford any extra expenditure at the moment…

The T-Shirt depicts Cloud and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII re-imagined as samurai, pretty well done I think.