Piranha Plant Earrings


I have to say I love these Piranha Plant Earrings on etsy by Elizabeth Kohn. Shame they are sold out, only not for her as this appearing on Reddit appears to have almost completely cleared out her shop over at Etsy.

I love the way it looks like the piranha plant is clinging onto her ear.






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Viewmaster Wedding Invitations


When I was a kid I loved my Viewmaster, which makes these wedding invitations particularly nostalgic.

I wasn’t aware you can still get them, but apparently you can, they don’t look like they did, I wonder where they sourced all their Viewmasters for the invites from…


Apparently the Viewmaster Classic 3d Viewer is still manufactured… My heart sings! Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere in the UK that sells them, I guess if you are interested you can order them from the states, there are even companies that will print out custom Viewmaster reels for you… But it’s not cheap, alternatively there is a kit that will allow you to make your own.


Found a company in the UK that sells custom Viewmasters and will do the reels and boxes for you…

Update 3

Actually the article linked to from the original article with how another couple (I think) did their Viewmaster invitations is cooler…

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