Prince of Persia ties




I love these ties by Maya Pixelskaya¬†they went on sale on e-bay some time ago though ūüôĀ She makes others though, maybe one day I’ll commission her to make me one…

Maya’s Website, Blog, and Deviant Art Page

Via  Maya Pixelskaya: Prince of Persia ties.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone.

I have to admit to finding this meme very endearing, I’m not even sure if I’ve actually played the legend of Zelda, I never owned it but I do remember playing one of the Zelda games on the NES at a friends house. My introduction to Zelda came on the Gameboy, but the line “IT’S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE TAKE THIS” must be ingrained the the soul of every gamer….

I’ve started seeing homages to it cropping up an awful lot of late, I’m not sure why there has been a sudden increase in the number of people posting them, ¬†maybe it’s just doing the rounds.

Like this Transformers one by Timothy Lim ¬†I found on Tumblr (Although I’d have had Ultra Magnus Giving it to Hotrod and not Optimus Prime):

Or this Star Wars themed one by Trek Matthews I also found on Tumblr (you can buy the T-Shirt at Redbubble):

Or this Matrix one I posted yesterday too:

I posted about this key holder yesterday, and will be doing my utmost to make one just like it as soon as possible…

And there is this pretty nifty one I found on Reddit (but have since lost the source link), it’s been doing the rounds and printed off by lots of people and stuck about.

Click on the one below for a full size template to print your own.

If you Google for it’s dangerous to go alone of the first 20 or so results only one is the original image, the others are all images of people handing over cats or bananas or whatever, it’s really wierd, personally I like the ones above because they preserve the spirit of the original. For more information check out the Know your Meme page for this Meme

Legend of the Matrix T-Shirt


I found this T-Shirt by Rhonda Walker on¬†Tumblr¬†it’s available on RedBubble. Part of me likes the Matrix/Zelda mashup part of me doesn’t, but I think that’s the part of me that has become disenfranchised with the Matrix trilogy due to the 2nd and third movies being so terrible.


¬†I also like these two T-Shirts by the same artist and to be honest would be more likely to wear the first as it’s more subtle…