Mystique is a Smurf?




I’ve seen this image before but this is the first time that I’ve actually read what the smurfs are saying and it clicked in my brain what it was implying about Mystique’s belt of skulls…

I didn’t know that smurfs had golden bones, or is it just their skulls that are gold, either way I can see now why Gargamel wants to collect them so much now.

I wonder what Mystique’s smurf name was? Answers in the comments…


Never let it be said that I lack in attention to detail and attribution… I found the source of the image, it’s by deviant art user caanantheartboy, from the description:

This week’s Line is Drawn piece on CBR.

The theme was, dun dun DUN… “dramatic reveals!” I chose “Mystique, your real father is… Papa Smurf!” I didn’t do exactly what the theme suggests, but went for something different.

…Where DO those tiny skulls come from?

Via Comics Cavern.

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