Oh please no…. Square Are Probably Working on Final Fantasy XIII-3

I’m going to cut to the chase, Final Fantasy XIII was rubbish, that isn’t just my opinion but everyone I have spoken to about the game thinks that it was rubbish. I was a little aghast when I found out that Square were making a FFXIII-2 but I saw the business sense in it, they spent a lot of money on the IP for the first game so why not reuse them.

Apparently “Corporation Service Company” who handle domain registration for Square have registered the domain finalfantasyxiii-3.com. This doesn’t mean anything, it could just be a case of them registering it in case they need it or to stop anyone else from buying it, but still the implication is that they want to protect that trademark.

Also I’d not seen this, but there is a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2 with commentary from the dev team, I quote from the subtitles:

“In the most exiting of battle moments we have introduced the new element of cinematic action events that require interaction from the player rather than just showing cut scenes”

This is around 2:40 in the video below and guess what form this amazing innovation takes?


Seriously Square? I have lost all faith in you

Why can’t Square release a good game based on it’s solid RPG principles, or at least revisit old IP and bring the graphics up to date, I’d pay good money to play this if it were brought up to date:

Or even a version of the fan-boy sweetheart Final Fantasy VII with the graphics from the advent children movie?

Or continue what they started with the Tech Demo for Final Fantasy VIII when they announced the PS2…

But instead they seem to continue to work on mediocre sequels to mediocre games, saving the interesting game ideas like Crisis Core (The Final Fantasy VII prequel, on the PSP) for platforms on which no one is going to play them…

I’m getting sick of ranting about this, it boils down to Square losing touch with their core audience chasing after some mythical casual RPG gamer audience…

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2 thoughts on “Oh please no…. Square Are Probably Working on Final Fantasy XIII-3”

  1. Funny, I’ve been playing XIII and VII for the past few weeks and there really aren’t that many differences. Also, I’m enjoying them both and will probably buy XIII-2.

    I think that Square Enix tends to get put on a pedestal, because in the past they released some games which were amazing at the time. FFVII arguably changed the face of RPG gaming, before companies like BioWare and Obsidian took 3D RPGs to a better place with more choice. But an essential part to all of the FF games I’ve played is that they are pretty linear – they have one ending, few dialogue options which are actual options and other then being able to decide how to get from A to B there isn’t much to do. XIII just makes these features more obvious.

  2. Incidentally, this is why Square Enix is now publishing games like Dragon Age III and producing games like Deus Ex – they know they can’t survive and are desperately attempting to buy in innovation. It probably isn’t working and will see a profitable Edios sold off at some point. Probably to Activision or Take 2.

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