Zombie Chun-Li & Cammy

These two images of a Zombie Chun-Li and a Zombie Cammie from Street Fighter II are Deviant Art user DazTibbles entry to the Fighting Games Elite project Undead Warriors, Looking at the other entries they are hands down the best entries…

Here they are pre being inked:



Via  Rampaged Reality.

I Want A Private Yacht With A VOLCANO!!

I saw this on Mike Elgan’s Google+ feed… And now I am going to dedicate my life to owning one!

It’s a Yacht with a VOLCANO on it, and a lagoon too… Apparently these are just concept images but it can be yours for the low low price of $100 Million… Does anyone have any money I can borrow?

Via Discovery Channel.

Twisted Disney Princesses With Bonus Thundercats

[singlepic id=258 w=640 h=480 float=center]

Two posts about Artist Jeffery Thomas (… I noticed while looking at his gallery that he had a set of lovely “Twisted Disney Princesses” in his gallery…

Click on the images below for the full size images, I’ve copied over his notes about each of the images so you can see the background “story” he’s contrived for the image… Or you could just go to the gallery on Deviant Art.

[nggallery id=6]

Related and still on a Disney vibe see his Sorcerer’s Apprentice/The Apprentice from the force Unleashed mashup…

And just so I don’t have to do a third post about JT I also love these Thundercats Samurai and Feudal TMNT images I found in his gallery…

The Last of the Thundercats