This is how I’m going to get fit… Dumb-bell cutlery


I eat 3 times a day at least, I don’t work out 3 times a day, but I could! Knife and fork apparently each weigh in at 2 pounds and the spoon is a slightly meatier 4 pounds.

I don’t possibly see how getting these would not improve my life 100 fold, apart from them costing $160 for a set that is…

Via Incredible Things.

Custom Fallout Monopoly Board


Deviant Art user *PinkAxolotl created this pretty sweet looking custom Monopoly Board for her boyfriend.  The Cards look like they have lived through the apocalypse and all have perks from Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas on them.

It looks like she did it in German from the screen shots but a blank version is available to download including the board and cards so you can create your own (It’s 61.3 MB).

The only thing it’s missing is custom Fallout Money, I knew I’d been saving up bottle caps for a reason…

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Beautiful Settlers of Catan Wooden Board

This is an amazing Kickstarter project, I really enjoy Settlers of Catan but one of biggest issues with the game is that all the tiles slide all over the place. A bunch of guys realized this and decided to make a wooden board to hold the tiles, it looks like it’s evolved into one hell of a beautiful project though with laser etched wooden tiles.


Via GeekOSystem via Boing Boing via Kickstarter.


Portal Neck Tattoo

Suffice it to say that this person will never get a job as a teacher…

I’m not one for getting tattoos myself, I’m far to capricious and know full well that whatever element of popular culture that amuses me enough to inspire a desire to permanently scrawl a reference to it onto my skin is usually fleeting.

However I do like the fact that other people are more than happy to cover themselves in tattoos seemingly for my amusement. Though this portal tattoo is pretty cool I I’m not entirely sure about the placement. It could be worse… He/She could have tattooed “Krang” from the Teenage Mutant Ninja/Hero Turtles on his/her belly… No one would be silly enough to to that thought would they…

Portal Tattoo via FashionablyGEEK

Krang Tattoo was doing the rounds on the internet yesterday but today is from Geekologie




Transformers meets Edvard Munch: The Screamer

Edvard Munch’s the Scream must be one of the most parodied images on the internet. I came across this image which looks like it depicts a scene from Transformers the movie (The 1986 that was good not the rubbish Bay-Formers ones).

See what he did there… Starscrem is screaming…

It’s available