Kid’s Reaction to Empire Strikes Back Reveal is Amusing…

I don’t remember a time before I knew that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, in fact even though I watched Empire when I was pretty young I’m fairly sure someone spoiled it for me before I saw the film.

There are so many films I’d love to watch again without knowing what I now know about them.

Interestingly for some reason Luke’s paternal revelation affected me when I was a kid, for some reason I thought that the villain in every children’s TV show was the father of the hero. Megatron was Optimus Primes Father, Skeletor was He-Man’s father etc… That was weird…

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Script Generates 3D Models of Space Ships



This is pretty cool, macouno used the names of the people who developed Blender to as input for a set of scripts from the Entoforms project to produce a set of procedurally generated 3d spaceships.

I’ll need to look into the scripts, the idea of playing a game where all the ships are uniquely generated appeals to me.

There is an article posted on blendswap with the blender files, and the Python scripts are available on Google code.

Human Heart Carafe

@Avarinne must see this! IT combines her love of wine and her cardiovascular research into one awesome whole, also the other Carafe is meant to be filled with water and no one I know drinks more water than Osmosis Girl!

This heart shaped Cuore carafe was designed by artist Liviana Osti and is composed of two carafes one to be filled with wine the other with water, it’s aupposed to be a reminder that we should drink as much wine as water to to maintain cardiovascular health or something like that…

I’m trying to find out if you can buy this, the article says they it ws designed as part of a challenge to students at the Bolzano University by Milan showroom Paolo C. No indication of whether they sell it, but it they do I assume it will cost mega bucks!




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Ad supported Kindle 4 let’s you disable the ads later by paying for the rest of the device

This is genius on Amazon’s end, can’t afford a full priced Kindle 4 well you can buy the ad supported on and pay the rest later. A $30 upgrade on the device will disable the advertisements.

I see this being a hit on two accounts, i you can’t afford a Kindle outright then you can buy the ad supported one and then disable the ads if they annoy you a few months later, also for people buying the kindle as a gift, they can buy someone the cheaper ad supported Kindle but safe in the knowledge that if they want to remove the ads they can just upgrade the device themselves.

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RIP Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Image credit Jonathan Mak

The internet is awash with the news that Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. While I’m not an Apple fanboy I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and goodbye to Steve.

My first computer was an Apple Lisa, followed very quickly by a Mac 128K and a Mac Plus, if it weren’t for Steve and his vision I would probably have the interest I do in computers, I wouldn’t have decided I wanted to learn to program, I wouldn’t have gone to study computer science, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I know I’ve bashed some of Steve’s decisions here, but nothing can take away the fact that he was a true visionary, on in a billion.

RIP Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011, you may be gone but your influence on all of us lives on, thank you for everything.