5 thoughts on “Why Cleavage Is Bad For Crime Fighting”

  1. 1. Flying at the speeds they fly at clothes would disintegrate anyway. Humans aren’t aerodynamic either so that minuscule amount of extra drag you’d get from an open top would be meaningless. On top of that Powergirl and Wonder Woman both have a high amount of invulnerability. Costumes flapping in the wind wouldn’t even register. They fly at super sonic (or faster) speeds. Wind shear would do more chafing than spandex.

    2. If you have the strength and speed necessary to grab one of these titians and hold them down the last place you’ll grab them is by their outfits. Try this. Make a shirt out of wet 1 ply toilet paper and have a friend grab you by the shirt and throw you to the ground. Real people grab clothes in a fight because they offer handholds and leverage. But leverage is useless when you can fly and bench press a train

    3. High heels or even heeled boots are impractical to run in. But since they fly, who cares? If your concern lies with not having balance enough to kick enemies or punch with their full power since they have their heels in the air don’t fret. Both of those issues are also leverage related

  2. Who cares it never happened and to the creators it never will. Hell back then we asked for more scandalise clothes and this is the result. Now we want less, America and it’s femanatzei are getting on my nerves.

  3. Okay, but here’s the thing. Power Girl would probably deck someone who tried to grab her costume like that. Wonder Woman is an Amazon, and if memory serves correctly, her costume is from the gods, or at the very least is magic, therefore costume slippage wouldn’t exist because magic. If it did slip, she probably wouldn’t care as I couldn’t see Wonder Woman stopping a fight to fix her top.
    Also, these are superheroes. That means that they have superhuman abilities, which includes a very high pain tolerance. So the wind resistance would be nothing to Power Girl, and heels are a breeze for Wonder Woman.
    (On a side note: it’s totally possible to be an efficient crime fighter in heels with enough practice.)

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