Super Mario Kart Cake

Super Mario Kart Cake

Wow this is an  impressive almost gravity defying cake… Cake by Christopher Garrens of Let Them Eat Cake (Or possibly Let the meat cake?) created for Flickr user M.A.L’s wedding.

The planet design is inspired by Super Mario Galaxy and features a Rainbow Road track (which Luigi is racing on) wrapped around it. The interior is filled with bittersweet chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate mousse.

There are some other awesome looking cakes there, including the Bowser’s castle cake at the bottom of this post.

Super Mario Kart CakeMarioAlso the best tasting cake ever!Over the Rainbow RoadCake TopperBride & Groom
LuigiToadYoshiMountainThe Mushroom KingdomSketch

Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake, a set by M.A.L. on Flickr.

I also Love this Alice in wonderland cake…

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