Arcade Game Drink Awareness Campaign

This is a series of posters by Laura C. Corbilla which revolve around the theme of well known video games to promote I like the idea but to be honest they look a little too clean to me. I’m no graphic designer but in order to evoke the true spirit (I’m sorry…) of the subject matter the images should have been pixel art rather than vector graphics.


Via Behance Network.

Optimus Samurai


I’ve seen one too many Darth Vader samurai images in my time but I’ve never seen an Optimus Prime one, which is odd because Optimus in my mind embodies the ethos of a Samurai much more than Darth Vader does. Also the Transformers are a Japanese creation, where Star Wars is only loosely based on Hidden Fortress by Akira Kurusawa.

Optimus Samurai by *CreatureBox on deviantART.

Illustrations for Nerds in Love

You mean the world to me

It’s hard not to like these Geeky science posters by Nicole Martinez, they are available  as posters and  limited edition prints. They are for the most part cute even is some of the puns are really cringe-worthy…

Via Behance Network.

You charge my particles
My beaker bubbles for you
Aorta tell you how much I love you
You turn me on
You magnetize my poles
You fog my spectacles
We've got chemistry
I lichen you a lot
I think I lava you
You melt my solid inner core
I Sulphur when you Argon (I refuse to spell Sulphur with an 'f' it's just wrong...




What If Sailor Jerry and Walt Disney Did a Collaboration?

Ariel the Siren

Tim Shumate has drawn some awesome illustations some of them feature Disney Prinecessed in a very Sailor Jerry style I’d check out his gallery on Facebook for some awesome artwork, including Storm from the X-Men, Wonder Woman, and a sexy penguin…

You can also see the finished result of the images as actual tattoos in his appropriately named Tattoos album.

It’s a shame that the Arabic on the Princess Jasmine picture isn’t joined up properly… In case you were wondering it says “Royal Blood.”




Via Tim Shumate – Illustration.

Episode IV A New Prime




The iconic StarWars poster transformed into a poster for Transformers the movie. This image is by Deviant Art user NinjaInk who is also responsible for the Transformers Edvard Munch image I blogged about a while ago.

It’s available as a print and as a t-shirt over at RedBubble.

Episode IV A New Prime by *ninjaink on deviantART.

7 Deadly Sins of Disney

These are some cool paintings by Deviant Art User ~chill07 depicting 7 Disney princesses as the embodiment of the 7 deadly sins. I’ve never thought about it this way before but I can totally see where she is coming from.

If I had a girl-child-thing I’d print these off and put them up on her bedroom wall, I had enough trouble reading the sin as it was so I doubt she would be able to until she was old enough to see the humour in it.

Show White as Gluttony


Sleeping Beauty as Sloth


Cinderella as Lust


Ariel as Greed


Tinkerbell as Envy


Megara as Wrath (I had to look up her name as I've only seen Hercules once)


Belle as Vanity


Via Via Deviant Art