Anime Eyes Makeup Tutorial

I’ve seen an image floating around the net a few times of a girl with Anime eye makeup, and while it’s not rocket science this tutorial will tell you exactly how to do it yourself. The girl babbles for about a minute at the start you can probably skip that.

Via Neatorama

8-Bit Tiled Subway Station

I’ve just found a reason to visit Stockholm, not that I had anything against Stockholm, but now I want to go just to see this train station. The tiles are covered in 8-Bit gaming icons, including PacMan, Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros. and I think there are some MacOS 6 Icons there too.

Apparently it’s Thorildsplan Metro Staion on the green line in Stockholm.



















Via Via Emulate (Russian Livejournal)

ZomBinLaden! They Shouldn’t Have Buried Him At Sea!

This movie looks awesome! Two divers find the corpse of Osama Bin Laden who was buried as sea, and he comes back to life as a Zombie! How could it be bad?

I love the they research how to defeat him, and decide that Ham Sandwiches is the way forward.


Winter is Coming: Calvin & Hobbes


This Calvin & Hobbes/Game of Thrones mashup T-Shirt is available at BlindFerret for $18.95 The artist is Joel Watson, of Hijinks ensue: website, Twitter and or Facebook if you are so inclined.

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Twister For Adults



You know how after a certain age whenever anyone suggests you play “Twister” somone makes a lewd remark dripping with innuendo?

The Karmasheetra takes all the subtlety out of the situation…

It’s available in bed sheet form on, but there seem to be 2 entries for it, one at £19.45 and one for £29.98…

Via Incredible Things.