Hipster He-Man + Bonus Hipster Thundercats

Hipster Beastman, Trapjaw, Skeletor, Mekaneck (I had to look up his name) and of Course He-Man

Artist Fabian Ciraolo seems to specialize in turning old school cartoon characters into hipsters. His site, which isn’t the easiest to navigate and involves a scary rabbit, has many more, including Space Ghost…

Hipster Teela
Hipster She-Ra and Hipster Bow, The mounted Hordak head is a nice touch
Hipster She-Ra
Hipster Stratos
Hipster Sorceress
Hipster Skeletor
Hipster Prince Adam and Hipster Man-At-Arms

Also see the hipster Thundercats!

Hipster Cheetara and Hipster Wily Kit

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Author: Omar

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