1 in 5 Teenagers will Experiment with Art

I’m not got an artistic bone in my body but I love this PSA Style advert that Team Detroit put together for the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. Make I’d love to see a video version of this in the Style of Samantha Fu’s Discotheque:

It’s 5 Am do you know where your teenager is?

Some say they come looking for Pastels, Water Colours and Pottery?




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This is the video for the song that I was talking about…

Pac Man Printed Leggings!

I randomly stumbled onto these while I was looking for a GameBoy T-Shirt. If they weren’t out of stock at the only shop I can find them for sale on I’d be buying a pair for Avarinne and forcing her to wear them all the time. They are awesome. They are (or at least one incarnation of them are) as far as I can tell by Black Milk Clothing who are also responsible for the PacMan Swimsuit I blogged about at while ago, however BlackMilk are an Australian company and never seem to have any of the really cool items they supposedly make up on their website to link to, so they are a mystery…

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just hanging out in my pac-mans

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This Puts PacMan into Context

“The Madness of Mission 6”
REPRINTED and only USD$10 in the Threadless sale.

Back in the early days of gaming graphics were abstractions of what was supposed to be happening in the game, this image, which is a T-Shirt available at Threadless puts PacMan into context. PacMan is an astronautic stuck on a  space ship being chased by his own inner demons. The only way to stay sane and survive is to consume huge quantities of anti anxiety pills. Some of the pills he takes allow him to temporarily conquer his inner demons and the hunted becomes the hunter, but as with all things this it fleeting, and his anxiety soon returns to haunt him.

At least that’s what it means to me…

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