Caught Changing…

Caught Changing...

I didn’t know the bride of Frankenstein ran on batteries… Artist Matt Dixon envisioned her being caught changing… See what he did there? Oh and she’s in her pants…

Most of his art seems to be of scantily clad horror icons, or characters from fairy tales, but I particularly like this robot he’s done which he’s called Introversion:


As well as this interpretation of little red riding hood entitled “Red’s Revenge”

Red's Revenge

And because it reminds me of Tank Girl this image of a girl with a ridiculously big gun aptly named BFG:


Via CG Hub

Anatomical Self-Dissections

I have to admit when I first saw these images at a glance I thought they were tattoos… They aren’t they are actually water colours… This series by Danny Quirk is both beautiful and disturbing…

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Negative Space DC Characters

Purple and White: Two Face's Delight

These Art prints by “Airynuh” available over at Society 6 manage to capture the essence of these DC characters in just two colours on black, well for the most part, I think Wonder Woman needs a third colour (Blue in case you were wondering) none the less they are all absolutely gorgeous.

Orange and Green: Poison Ivy the Viny Queen
White and Red: Harley's Off in the Head
Purple and Green: Joker Mean Art Print
Green and White: Green Lantern's Light
Red and Yellow: Flash the Fast Fellow
Red and Gold: Wonder Woman Bold
Red, Blue and Superman Too
Dark Knight in Blue and White

Via Society6

My Undead Totoro

My Undead Totoro by Matthew Parsons
Shirt available at redbubble for $27.61 USD.
Artist: twitter / deviantart / facebook
(via Matthew’s tumblr: fanboy30)

I want to watch my neighbor Totoro now, and imaging it’s a zombie movie… I’m not sure that would work…

T-Shirt available at RedBubble artwork by Matthew Parsons  (twitter / deviantart / facebook / tumblr)

Reminds be a bit of this image I found ages ago, but I have no idea who drew it…

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