Cat Throwing a Mouse

Dexter throws a mouse, originally uploaded by angeloangelo.

For some reason some people took offence on Facebook to that fact that we let our cats hunt mice. It’s in their nature to do so!

Thousands of years of evolution have turned them into apex rodent predators, also it’s why we domesticated them, mice are vermin, they piss and poo on everything and they eat anything they can get their grubby paws on.

I was told that by domesticating them we have changed their nature? Surely, as I said before, the reason we domesticated them was so they would hunt vermin, that would be like saying hey we domesticated cows so we can eat them and milk them but since by domesticating them we’ve changed their nature lets not eat them or drink milk any more…

Meh, anyway this is an awesome shot of a cat playing will an, I assume by this point dead, mouse…

Author: Omar

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