The Seven Deadly Websites

The guys over at College Humor (It hurts me to spell Humour that way, it actually pains my soul) have come up with some fake banners for websites as the Seven Deadly Sins.

Envy = Facebook

Sloth = NetFlix

Greed = eBay

Pride = Twitter

Gluttony = Pizza Hut? (I assume?)

Lust = YouPorn (Honestly never been there the only reason I know this is because it’s one of the tags on the article)

Wrath = 4Chan

Via CollegeHumor

The Royal Wii

The pun was too amusing to not post this image by Fahrenheit 212… Irritatingly the image on the behance page is one image with the whole set on it… Also Game Freaks NZ chose “Wii Are Not Amused” as the title of the image… I think “The Royal Wii” fits it better…

Via GameFreakNZ Via Behance