Penguin Adventure Fan Remake! Also Nemesis and Castlevania!

I’ve blogged about penguin adventure before while I was hunting for games for my planned Retro Game Adventi stumbled across news that Kotai (Konami-Taito Fan) is working on a multi-player remake of Penguin Adventure to mark it’s 25th anniversary.  There is little information on their site, which lists a few of the other retro remakes they have made such as a multiplayer Castlevania remake, a multiplayer Bubble Bobble remake and a multiplayer Nemesis (Gradius in the US/UK) remake.

There are a few more videos on their/his YouTube Channel, but all the commentary is in Spanish, thanks to Google translate though:

Heading to 4 players online. The game will be available for download in a few days

I can’t wait!

I’ll need to download the Nemesis remake I loved that game when I was a kid too and the idea of playing a multiplayer version of it is quite appealing… Here is a video of Nemesis online being played, it looks awesome!

Retro Gaming Advent: Day 1 Marathon Series

I’m going to try something over the next 25 days I’m going to post a free to play retro game you can download to enjoy over the “Festive Season” Today’s suggestion is the Marathon Series long before they moved onto to create Halo, Bungie made a series of Mac first person shooters under the moniker of Marathon. The source code for the engine is now open and you can download all three games for free for the Mac, Windows and Linux.

What are you waiting for?

Marathon Marathon 2: Durandal
Marathon Infinity

Land of the Rising Dead

This image is by the same person(~StudioStobie) who did the Mario Totoro image that I posted as an aside to my last post. I like the play on words and I’m surprised that there isn’t already a zombie movie with this title… There is a D20 RPG Supplement called Weird War II: Land of the Rising Dead but no movie…

Wait… PETA are Complaining about Super Mario Land 3D?

Those nutbars at PETA have apparently got their heckles up about Super Mario 3D Land, because Mario puts on a Racoon suit which apparently means Nintendo endorse people wearing fur. WTF?

To calm myself down I’m going to look at this image of Mario and Luigi as Totoro and his little blue friend by Deviant Art artist ~StudioStobie.

Far away from this world…

Remember a time before auto save? Before passwords? I have never beaten Super Mario Bros 3 because we had a switch on the wall that controlled the plug socket my NES was plugged into and one of my brothers friends hit the switch just as I got to bowser. Much as I loved that game I couln’t bring myself to play it again…

The memories are still so painful…

I’ve got it on my SNES now as Super Mario All Stars but for some reason the cartridge is screwed and wont start up. I can’t even redeem my failure!

Image ViaFar Away From This World