Books For Geeky Babies…

While I object to the use of the word “nerd” I love the concept of this Nerd Baby Colouring  in Book (Yes I spelt  “colouring”  correctly). If/when I have kids they will be getting a copy of this book by Tiffan Yard it seems to me that there is a whole industry based on selling stuff like this to relatively geeky parents as a couple of days ago I spotted another book entitled Introductory Calculus For Infants by Omi M. Inouye which is available at ThinkGeek:


I reckon there is a huge market for this and I’m going to start work on “The Very Hungry Paramecium” and the “Amoeba Who Was Wfraid Of The Dark” immediately…

Nerd Baby Coloring in book via Boing Boing Introductory Calculus For Infants via Laughing Squid.

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Mental BatWoman

What Batwoman is this!?

I saw this strip and wanted to read the comic, but before I even got a chance to look up the source I noticed that somone had pointed out in the comments that it’s from an issue of Justice Leage (JLA #91) where Wonder Woman uses a machine to find out what would happen if she and batman were to have a kid. Apparently the rest of the issue is rubbish though…

I’d read a comic where the heroes were this mental… Actually I am reading a comic where the heroes are this mental as I’ve recently started reading “The Boys” arguably the “heroes” in the The Boys are more like villains…

Via Pocket Full of Geek

So the Clyde is Pretty Much Bursting it’s Banks in Yoker & Renfrew…


Anyone in Scotland at the moment probably knows about the Red Alert Weather warning,  The image above is taken from Yoker the River is over the banks.

Below are images of the cycle path that I take into work it’s under a foot of water, luckily in order to affect us it’ll need to rise another 2-3 metres. I guess this is why my insurance costs more for living next to a river…

It’s so windy out there that I had trouble standing still to take the pictures, and when we were on our way back to the house a gust of wind picked Avarinne up for a second…





On Attribution

a tribute to attribution

It irks me that people do this? Fair enough not going to the effort to look up the source of something, but seriously going to extra effort to annonymize it? What even worse is folk who add a little footer to all the images that appear on their site to say hey this was at some point posted here, without actually adding attribution to the original source. 9GAG and the Cheeseburger network are pretty bad for this, they don’t care where the original image came from, but, it did at one point get posted to their sites and because of their wide reach the one with their footer becomes the one that is spread across the internet. It’s practically parasitic.

On another note I love the name of the webcomic, I’d love a chainsaw suit…


Via Chainsaw Suit

Retro Gaming Advent: Day 2 Kings Valley

I must have spent years of my childhood playing this game, the basic premise is not that dissimilar from Load Runner, except with more of a puzzle twist, you are an explorer trapped in a series of pyramids and you have to collect all the “Soul Gems” to open the door to the next level. Collect them in the right order while avoiding traps and monsters and using a variety of tools.

I’ve managed to find a few remakes of this game: Kings ValleyKings Valley TelosKV2Kings Valley Teaser, and I’ve previously tested them to see that they work, I just can’t remember which is which and I’m too busy at the moment to mess around with them to find out.

If I recall all of them but Kings Valley Teaser work fine on Windows, the teaser is a project in progress. The one marked Telos supposedly replaces the main character with The Doctor from Doctor Who…

I plan on putting together a blog post about the Kings Valley series at some point but given I’ve committed to posting a free retro remake a day this is all I’ve got time to post at the moment.