There’s a Zombie on Your Cake: Plants vs. Zombies Cake

Albotas Reader Greg sent in (To Albotas not me obviously) this awesome Plants vs. Zombies cake:

I thought I would share with you this amazing Plants vs. Zombies cake my COO’s wife made for my 43rd birthday. Yes, I’m a big kid — I also work in the video game industry on creative services and marketing side (as well as cut my teeth in the media, on the video game print magazine side for many years). In any event, her name is Imelda Wikamulia and she’s incredibly talented at making these cakes. She also made a X-Mas themed Super Mario cake for the holidays for my company.

You can see the Mario cake over at Albotas.

I’ve only recently discovered Plants vs. Zombies (Flash Version, but it’s on the Apple App Store and Android Market Too), having ignored all the hype about it until Avarinne got an iPad, it may or may not have been the main reason I got an iPad…