Little Sister All Grown Up Pin-Up



I guess it would be wrong to have an actual Little Sister pin-up as they are children, but once the creepy kids from Bio-Shock grow up apparently they fill out quite nicely. This Image above is by Martin Abel and is pretty awesome.

via Mike Gaboury.

Jello + Origami = Jellogami

Jello + Origami = Jellogami

I’m a big fan of Jello/Jelly (depending on which side of the pond you hail from. I’m also a fan of origami, so when I found out that a group of people called My Jello Americans (You could not make this up…) Had made “Jello Origami” I was extatic! Okay maybe not extatic but a smile did creep across my face…

via Incredible Things via (That’s Nerdalicious)

Video Instructions!

Jellogami from My Jello Americans on Vimeo.

Falcon Girl

Falcon Girl by James Hance
Prints available at (for US and Canada) and (UK and Europe). Grab the shirt before it’s inexplicably destroyed at redbubble.
(via James’ tumblr: jameshance)

Falcon Girl puts Princess Leia in Tank Girls boots, the image is by James Hance (Prints available @ & ) T-Shirt Available at redbubble.

I saw this days ago now I feel like it’s old news as it was posted on BoingBoing this morning 🙁

Why am I too busy to actually write all the blog posts I want to?

In other news I’ve been meaning to read the comic for a while because having seen and really enjoyed the movie I felt it deserved a look see. I really didn’t like the comic, that also saddens me…

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