Raspberry Stinky Jeans!

Scratch N Sniff Jeans

The Jeans pictured above could be any Jeans, but they aren’t, they are special scratch and sniff jeans that smell like raspberry when you scratch them… Seriously raspberry they do know what a raspberry is a euphemism for right?

Anyway they can be your’s for just $200 from Naked and Famous.

Via Incredible Things

Corkers – Pushpin Cork Creatures


You know how you are supposed to turn up to a dinner party with a bottle of wine… Well that’s a little too grown up, so why not make it a little more amusing by adding a pack of these “Corkers” to the wine. They let you turn your wine or champagne cork into a little animal. Just make sure you don’t give them a screw top bottle…







Death Scream

This version of The Scream by Edvard Munch featuring Death from the Sandman comics if by Midimew of Deviant Art. I’m not sure the comic book style meshes well with the background but it still looks cool, besides I can’t draw so I’m hardly one to criticize.

Via Deviant Art


Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime by *ninjaink

Wow, at first glance I’ll have to admit I thought this was an Optimus Prime/Knight Sabre Cross over (I’ll have to Google to see if that exists later) but no it’s an Optimus Prime/Samus Arran cross over.

The Japanese says Metoroido Puraimu (Metroid Prime).

The Image is by *ninjaink and is called Metroid Prime over at Deviant Art. I’ve got a few more images in my drafts by *ninjaink that I want to post, unfortunately I don’t have the time to sift thought them now and add them to this post.