Have Your Cake And Eat It…

shockleys sweet shoppe half and half wedding cake

Want a traditional white wedding cake but but also want a chocolate cake? Well you can have your cake and eat it… This half and half cake was made by Shockley’s Sweet Shoppe:

This amazing wedding cake was made of White & Chocolate fondant; specifically halved for the bride & halved for the groom. Chocolate ganache delicately dripped down the chocolate side while a hand-pipped design decorated the other side. Fresh tuxedoed strawberries adorned the cake.

shockleys sweet shoppe half and half wedding cake

shockleys sweet shoppe half and half wedding cake

Via Bridal Guide Via Pinterest (Although I had to Google for the actual Source)

Pencil Knee High Socks!

I found these socks while exploring pinterest, make your legs look like pencils! These were available at Sock Dreams for $18 but they are out of stock at the moment. I had a quick look at the site to see if there were any more interesting socks and from my cursory glance it seems that these are the only interesting socks they have. If you see any that are more interesting post a link to them in the comments.

Evangellion Clothing!

Are you fanatical about a 16 year old anime series about giant robots religion and philosophy that made absolutely no sense? Well you’ll be interested to know that you can wear your fanaticism to show the whole world how much you want to be Shinji, Asuka or Rei!  With the above cute Eva-1 Hoodie with obligitory cat ears you can even get the other Eva models too! Or you could look at some of the the other examples below. The Site is in Japanese but you can us Google translate to make sense of it.

Above Eva pilot suit dress, below Eva-1 biker Jacket.

Via Eva Store


I saw this image on Facebook and it reminded me of the image below. I’ve worked in both the music industry and in the software development and you see this almost every day…

Things are over specified, over designed over sold, and under delivered constantly…