Mahmud A. Asrar: Steampunk and other stuff…

Steam Punk Super Girl

Given half a chance I’d blog everything I’ve seen by comic book artist Mahmud A Asrar , I went through his deviant artist gallery and… Well yeah… He is as far as I can tell an artist working for DC comics probably on Super Girl given she takes up most of his gallery. Here are some steam punk images and some other random tid bits, I’d recommend looking at his gallery if you like there is a lot more wher that came from.

Steam Punk Red Monika
Blowing Off Steam V
Blowing Off Steam III
Blowing Off Steam IV
Blowing Off Steam II
Blowing Off Steam
Blowing Off Steam VI



Super Girl With My Little Pony


Harly Quin
Black Cat
Wolalina Alice

Book Tub!

<p>book tub.<br />

I like reading in the bathtub as much as the next literate person, but lets be realistic here, you are going to have one leaky bath tub if you make it out of books… I have no source for this image, and I guess if you lined the inside with a clear layer of plastic it could be pretty cool, but I’m going to assume that this is some kind of art project and not a functioning bath tub, which is a shame I really would like a bathtub made out of books…

Via 1001 books to read before you die

Legomus Prime (Okay That’s a Rubbish Name)

Optimus Prime

The same guy who did the M.A.S.K. Lego figurines has also unsurprisingly done a set of Transformers Lego Models as evidenced above the the Optimus Prime model, which actually transforms! He’s also done a Masters of the Universe set which I can’t be bothered blogging about separately. Look a distraction!

Minimalist Wedding Dress…

Nothing Says Blushing Bride Like The G-String Wedding Dress

So apparently fashion designers Kaviar Gauche (Those crazy Germans) think that people (I would assume women but I’m not one to judge) would be willing to wear this G-String Wedding dress… I guess the bride is covered in a veil head to toe so it’s fine…

You can see the um… Dress… in action around 37 seconds into the video below…

via Incredible Things.

M.A.S.K Lego Models

M.A.S.K Rhino

M.A.S.K RhinoM.A.S.K RhinoM.A.S.K RhinoM.A.S.K RhinoM.A.S.K Rhino RetroBOULDER HILL
M.A.S.K GatorM.A.S.K GatorMatt Trakker vs. Myles MayhemM.A.S.K Venom JackhammerM.A.S.K Venom JackhammerM.A.S.K Venom Jackhammer
M.A.S.K Venom JackhammerM.A.S.K Venom JackhammerM.A.S.K Venom JackhammerOverviewThunderhawk jetmode backMayhem vs. Trakker

M.A.S.K, a set by “Orion Pax” on Flickr.

What do you do if you can’t get real M.A.S.K. Toys? Make them yourself! Out of LEGO! WITH YOUR TEETH! Blind folded! Underwater! In the Dark!

I don’t think that’s the story behind this Flickr Set of M.A.S.K. Lego models but in my mind some impoverished kid made these because his parents refused to but them. I’m sure that my story is much more interesting than the real story which is that a 30 something guy with too much time on his hands made them…

I have to give the guy some credit, his Flickr name is Orion Pax, which as we all know was Optimus Primes name before he was damaged by Megatron so he could be rebuilt to lead a revolt against the Quintesons… You knew that right?

Ye Olde Dinosaur Land t-shirt

This map of Super Mario World done as if it were an old map is lovely. They have managed to capture the art style of the game while also making it look Ye-Olde Worldy…

Can you traverse the dangerous terrain of Ye Olde Dinosaur Land, to rescue the princess?
Digital print
Super soft 100% ringspun cotton (doesn’t feel like cardboard)
10.2 ounce crewneck T
Double needle cover seamed neck, taped neck and shoulders, double needle sleeve and bottom.

It’s available as a T-Shirt at SPLITREASON.COM


My one problem with this image by Clinton Felkler is where the hell did Unicron, a robot the size of a planet find a cave that was big enough for him to sit down in?

I learnt something interesting a while ago while browsing Wikipedia a while ago apparently Unicron is the twin of Primus the two of them being the antithesis of each other, and apparently the Autobots home world Cybertron is the dormant Primus. That’s pretty cool isn’t it?

Also you can buy this print on e-bay…