Steampunk Mario Bros

Imagine the Mario Bros were sucked into an alternative Steam Punk universe okay if you can’ t be arsed doing that artist Komical (web) has done the hard work for you. Look at the image above and save your imagination for something more mundane.

The Same artist also made and I assume is Modelling the Gir Hoodie below:

Via Deviant Art

Apocalypse Tomorrow

Artist Andrew Tarusov (Site in Russian thank God for Google translate) has creates this apocalyptic calendar with a different disaster for each month.  The images are in the style of Gil Elvgren who is apparently a world renowned pin-up artist.

via Oh My Pinups.

Neanderthals Discovered DNA 42,000 Years Ago?

The Image above is probably of fish or buffalo or something like that but to me it looks a little like the cave men were trying to draw the double helix structure of DNA.

What you were expecting an actual story, do you know where you are? Check the source link for that, although I didn’t read it so their analysis could be just as farcical as mine.

Via Hyper Allergic

Video Game Characters Feminized

The video games industry is filled with male role models, not too many female protagonists, sure we get the odd Lara Croft or Ms. PacMan but on the whole girls seem to be more like princess peach or Zelda, a plot device or the reason the male character is out stomping mushrooms or killing baddies.

While this series by artist Marques Cannon does a little towards changing that it hard not to notice the focus on tits an ass in the series. Still they are pretty cool, by why does every woman in video games have to be half naked?




Mega (Wo)Man

Katamari Damacy

Sonic the Hedgehog


Arabic Translation Fail…

My colleague pointed this photograph by Sahil Anand yesterday, It amused me very much. Reminded me a little of this image of a Chinese restaurant that did the rounds on the internet 4 years ago.

via  The Guardian.

Sneaker Socks

If you ever can’t decide whether you want to wear shoes of just socks these are the socks for you. They are called “Sneaker Socks” but they look a lot more like Converse calf high boots to me. Anyway this is what they look like when not one, I actually like the fact that they make it look like you are also wearing socks under your boots…