Sincere Gift For Valentines Day

I Hate the Valentines day industry but I am still madly in love with you

I can totally get behind this message, Valentines Day is a commercial holiday, it’s got nothing to do with love and everything to do with card companies, restaurants, florists, hotels and resorts and a whole load of other people trying to make a quick buck out of people’s guilt.

Screw that. That said in buying this you are still supporting someone who is taking advantage of Valentines day, they may be marketing to people who hate it but they are harnessing your hate for evil! It’s like selling T-shirts that say Bah Humbug at Christmas, you may want make a statement about Christmas but you are unwittingly being used.

Maybe I’m just being to cynical…

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Fergie’s LEGO Dress

I had ask Google who the hell Fergie was, apparently she’s famous. Anyway whoever she is she has wore a dress made almost entirely out of Lego to Nickelodeon’s annual Kids choice awards this year. That has to count for something.

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Origami Tea Bags

Russian Artist/Designer Natalia Ponomareva has created this concept for Origami tea bags. I love tea and I love origami so it saddens me that this is just a concept. I also wonder why she chose the above “Dove” design over the more recognisable “crane” especially since the crane has a ready made compartment to put the tea leaves.

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Things Are About To Get Nazi!

I love the concept behind Iron Sky! It’s a dark comedy in which Nazis have been hiding out on the dark side of the moon for 70 years and they decide to attack the Earth.

How can any film top SPACE NAZIS!

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If Guys Wrote Valentine’s Cards

Valentines Day cards are notoriously soppy, this set if images envisions what they would be like if they were written by guys.

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Cute Baby Monster Costume

This was submitted to‘s baby costume contest by Ashley. It’s so cute you’ll vomit rainbows. Apparently it’s home made which makes it all the more awesome…

Awesome Spider Robot Toy!

The video above is a sneak peek at a work in progress remote controlled robot spider with interchangeable guns that fire: ping pong balls, foam discs, and foam darts. It looks like the kind of thing that I would have loved as a kid.

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