Super Mario World Art Nouveau

This art Nouveau piece by *NoxIllunis971 on deviantART is supposed to capture the main characters of Super Mario World. While it’s very pretty and I do hate to be a pedant, but Shy Guys don’t feature in Super Mario World… Neither does the POW block. Aside from that… Very nice.

Upcycled Geek Clothing By Bonga Chop Shop

Pac Man Halter Top OOAK Upcycled

Kendra of Bonga Chop Shop makes one of a kind up-cycled geek clothing and the like from vintage geek fabric. Like the above Pac-Man halter top (I think I had that design on a bed sheet…) or the Below Pac-Man skirt and Transformers mini dress.

Pac Man Highwaisted Skirt OOAK

Transformers Mini Dress OOAK

TARDIS and Doctor Cosplay

What is it with people dressing up like the TARDIS? Not that I’m complaining there are some pretty cool TARDIS dresses out there, including this one by JaneyJane along with her friend dressed as the Eleventh Doctor.