Upcycled Geek Clothing By Bonga Chop Shop

Pac Man Halter Top OOAK Upcycled

Kendra of Bonga Chop Shop makes one of a kind up-cycled geek clothing and the like from vintage geek fabric. Like the above Pac-Man halter top (I think I had that design on a bed sheet…) or the Below Pac-Man skirt and Transformers mini dress.

Pac Man Highwaisted Skirt OOAK

Transformers Mini Dress OOAK

Author: Omar

Omar is the main/only contributor to Ohmz.net. He is a Computer Programmer based in Glasgow Scotland.

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  1. I love Kendra’s stuff! She’s a friend of mine, and she loaned me a bunch of her clothes to wear this past weekend to a convention – her clothing is so well made and fun to wear!

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