The Angels Ate the TARDIS (Cookies) + Bonus TARDIS Apron

Darla from Bakingdom made these cookies for a Dr. Who party she was hosting, but she also makes custom TARDIS Aprons like the one below. She has two on her Etsy shop which are reserved for people, I assume you have to commission one from her in order to get one.

Do Not Buy Unless You are Levi - Reserve for Levi - Original TARDIS Apron

Via Bakingdom

Bullet Bill Kitchenaid Mixer

Boom, bitches!

What else are you going to do when you get a mixer that looks like this? Apart from order some custom decals from Mustard Seed Dreams to make it look like a Bullet Bill from Super Mario Brothers? I’m a little disappointed that the arms aren’t little plastic arms, but it still looks cool.

Bullet bill, up in your grill!

I only hope that the person who writes Bake With Vengence used this mixer to make this cake:

Via Baking With Vengence

George R. R. Martin Reads Children’s Stories

I thought this was going to just be George RR Martin reading children’s stories but it’s not, he reads them as if they were part of hi Song of Ice and Fire series of books. At least he’s self aware.