Sterling Silver Origami Necklaces

I bought @Avarinne something like this from a craft market a while ago, but I don’t think it was Sterling Silver if it was it certainly didn’t cost as much as these things do… Still they are very pretty. They are on sale for the next day or so: Origami Crane (Above) Origami Triceratops & Origami Dog (Below) all $139.50

Via Fab


Brand Revisions

Google-Yahoo! ReversionTwitter-Facebook Brand Re-versioningGoogle-Bing Brand ReversioningBlackberry-flickr ReversioningVimeo-YouTube ReversionReddit-Digg Reversion
Digg-Reddit ReversionYouTube-Vimeo ReversionBing-Google ReversionRAC-AA ReversionAA-RAC ReversionFacebook-Twitter Reversion
ITV-BBC ReversionBBC-ITV ReversionCoca-Cola Pepsi ReversionPepsi-Coca-Cola ReversioniPhone-Android ReversionAndroid-iPhone Reversion
Canon-Nikon ReversionBUPA-NHS ReversionHP-Toshiba ReversionToshiba-HP ReversionTechCrunch-Mashable ReversionMashable-TechCrunch Reversion

Brand Reversions, a set by imjustcreative on Flickr.

This is a photo set on Flickr of various well known brands redone in the style of their competitors. Some are quite clever some are a bit ugly.

Via Flickr:
View the Brand Reversions website.

Creating new versions (reversions) of famous brands by swapping one creative style with another; more often than not with a competing brand

Created by imjustcreative Graham Smith.

Twitter @imjustcreative

Inspiration Credits
Mario Amaya: Logo Mash-upsViktor Hertz: Honest LogosJohnsonBanks: Logo Mash-upsWeAreDorothy: You Took My Name

The Pedobear Hoodie

I laughed my guts out when I saw this hoodie from Canada Cosplay, then I balked at the price… $175 Canadian! That’s mental! If you don’t know what Pedobear is then you can read about it on Wikipedia.

The shop also sells a Unicorn Hoodie:

And a Nyan Cat Scarf. I have to admit I kind of want the Nyan Cat scarf… It’s only $40 Canadian which is about £30 + P&P

Via Knuckles United

Hot Rod Hoodie

Hot Rod Hoodie

Another one off, there is nothing like this 0bscurity’s Etsy store front, it’s a pretty cool hoodie though.

So, rather than take a million years building an actual Hot Rod costume – which I’d like to do one day regardless – I decided to make an every day version in the shape of a hoodie. And now I love it.

More hoodie designs are in the works – You can check them out as they show up at my etsy shop: