Teaching With Pop Culture

I saw the above image on Reddit some time ago it’s part of a statistics exam. I stuffed it in my blog later pile and forgot about it until I saw this image posted by I am nerdtastic while skimming Tumblr :

Biology study guide.  <br /><br />
This is win

I love the concept behind these two questions, teach stuff that people might not be interested using pop culture references so that they can relate to it a little better.

Have you seen any other examples of this? Post a link in the comments.

Really Bad Translation

I saw this ridiculously badly translated flyer for a butchers in Riyadh posted to twitter by mkhonji. I don’t think you need to be able to read the Arabic to see how funny it is. But it helps…

Replace Abdullah: Should be Abdullah’s Place but could be interpreted as in place of Abdullah.

Baladi Dick: Deek means rooster, Balady means local so this actually means locally sourced roosters or chicken.

Homers: This is pigeon I’m not sure what went wrong here.

Baladi Bathroom: Again Baladi means local, and bathroom is supposed to be pigeon. The difference between the word for “bathroom” and “pigeon” is inflection.

Bathroom French: You’ve probably guessed this is French pigeons

I’m not sure what “Saman” is?

My Eggs: Is locally sourced eggs but was probably misread as the eggs of my country which lead to this mistranslation.

All in all this is made of win!