Japanese SDF Recruitment Posters

Apparently in Japan they advertise for recruits to the Special Defense Force (Japan aren’t allowed to have a military due to a clause that was added to their constitution after WWII) using manga. Look at how cute that girl is, she is missing her boyfriend who is away helping people for his country. The above image is from the 2012 campaign below are the 2011 and 2010 posters.

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Dr. Who The JRPG

Don’t watch this if you are worried about spoilers…

I’m going to be a little pedantic. The source link describes this as an 8-Bit RPG it’s actually styled like a 16-Bit RPG, anyway the video summarizes the 11th doctors plot as a series of cut scenes from a JRPG.


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Game of Thrones Brawler!

Capcom announce a new 2D Brawler for the PS3  based on Game of Thrones! The Screen shot above shows Rob Stark fighting Khal Drogo.

I wish this was true, it’s not… This is a mock up by deviant art user Dynamaito.

Deviant Art

Weird Sex In The Animal Kingdom

EDIT: I’m a little ashamed that I don’t appear to originally have posted the actual source of these images, must have been having a lazy day…
The source is Humon Comics and there are a few more that either didn’t exist when I originally posted this or I didn’t find.

The next time you think about setting your relationship status as “it’s complicated” spare a thought for these bizarre sexual practices that happen between animals…