This is Why I Don’t Take Naps

Why do I keep taking naps when I wake up feeling worse?

I don’t take naps unless I’m absolutely destroyed, partially because I seem to be incapable of sleeping for less than 4 hours at a time and partially because I wake up feeling like shit. I also have an odd OCD where I can’t do anything if I don’t have a shower when I wake up, even if I have only slept for a couple of hours.

Via shih likes to draw

Awesome “Quadtych” Tree Painting

48x24 Original Modern Abstract Heavy Texture Impasto Acrylic Painting Landscape Tree Wall Decor "365 Days of Happiness"

I love this image of a tree by QiQiGallery available on Etsy, it’s labeled as a modern abstract but I like to think that each panel represents a season, I don’t know if that was the intention. You can buy this for $365 US + shipping from Canada. If you like what you see the same gallery has a number of other paintings in a similar style.

I searched for a word for the equivalent of a triptych but with four images the best I could come up with was “Quiptych” or “Quadtych” there appear to be Flickr groups for both…


USB Batsignal

You can apparently download the instructions for this USB Batsignal from Dad Can Do but you need to sign up for an account and I can’t be bothered doing that…

I’m a little skeptical of the quality of the finished product given how photo-shopped the example image looks:

bat logo shadow on wall

Wonder Woman & Supergirl by Ned Bajalica

There is something appealing about these two images showing two super heroines going about their daily lives rather than fighting crime.

The images are by Italian artist Ned Bajalica.