Nick Fury Rage



Can I just say how much I hate the fact Marvel have JAMMED a character who looks like Samuel L Jackson fury into 616 Marvel comics? I mean, really? We already had Ultimate Nick Fury!
Why have Marvel made their comics way more confusing rather than just saying “Oh yeah the movie was a hybrid of all our stories, SMJ Fury is actually in THESE books, while normal Nick Fury is actually white”. 
I don’t get why they did this…

Can I say when I saw the preview for this I was fine with this, then I actually read the damn issue and I just became enraged.I want to travel in time and kick my past self for making that stupid post now.
Also I like to profess am my undying hate for when comic books try to copy what is happening in the movies or Tv shows (because it usually happens in a stupid way and it disrupts the flow of the comics and they never last).
I usually don’t care when they introduce comic/tv shows/cartoons created characters into comics (After all that’s how Harley and X-23 started) so I don’t mind Coulson being there but the way Marcus Johnson is all SUDDENLY NICK FURY and Nick is all “My infinity formula is gone so I am going to probably die any second” was just so gimmicky and horrible.Well Daisy is now Director of SHIELD, hope that lasts, and if Nick Fury Jr (why did he even abandon his mother’s given name for that, seriously?) takes the position from her I will seriously hit something.
I am just glad I have other comics to turn to when I can’t deal with Marvel and DC’s bullshit, seriously, between this, Marvel’s AvsX and most of DCnu being unreadable to me I am glad for Image, Dark Horse, IDW and 2000AD.


Apparently a lot of people are annoyed that Marvel have made Nick Fury black in the new comic series to match the Avengers movies…

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