Ancient Apple Video Blue-Busters

This cheesetastic video was apparently played during an Apple sales meeting back in 1984. According to YouTube Commenter majorkahuna:

I was there in Oct. 1984. This was not an internal ad. I was a 1984 state of the art multimedia slide show with audio by Ray Parker Jr. who sang the original. There were also live dancers on the stage.

This was the opening presentation of the International Sales Meeting that introduced the Lightwriter later renamed Laserwriter.

Apple always used a current movie as a them for the sales meetings. in 1985 it was Back to the Future.

For the record I had a quick look and can’t find the 1985 Back to the Future video on YouTube… This makes me sad.


Pixelated Towel Censors Your Naked (Wo)man Flesh Just Like The Sims

Censorship Towel

You know in The Sims how when your sims take a shower they go al pixelated? How about doing that yourself by wearing this towel? This concept by Carmichael Collective is pretty cool. And reminds me of this Naked Sim Cosplay:

Via Laughing Squid

Censorship Towel


censorship towel

Wicked Witch of The East Ruby Slippers Door Stop

It is the Wicked Witch of the East that Dorothy steals the Slippers from at the start of the Wizard of OZ isn’t it? The West With is the one who spends the rest of the book trying to avenge her sister’s death and claim back her family heirlooms.

You can buy this Door Stop on Amazon USA although there are multiple listings one for one and one for a set of two… It doesn’t appear to be available on the UK website which is a shame because it’s quite cool…

World Globe Liquor Dispenser + Bonus Globe Bars

I was quite impressed when I saw this Globe shaped Liquor Dispenstor especially as it’s only $40, then I had a look at the other stuff they sell on this website, it’s a world of drinking paraphernalia, if only I drank…

Keeping witht he theme though they also have some magnificent replica Globe shaped bars and drink trolleys, I thought these kind of things only existed in movies:





Connect The Dots Tattoo

My Connect-the-Dots Tattoo was chosen for a Book O' Tattoo Weirdos

I’m loving this connect the dots tattoo that Colleen AF Venable has, you can find an entire gallery of images related to it on her Flickr page. In her own words:

Ever since I was little I joked about getting my birthmarks numbered–that I was one big connect-the-dots tattoo that made a “me”. This tattoo is part of “The Stalking and Murdering of a Childhood Giraffe Project” (full explanation of the art project is HERE.) It’s an extremely visible invisible tattoo and Dave C. Wallin who made it did an AMAZING job considering how small the numbers had to be. Pretty sure I’m not the first person in the universe to come up with this idea, but I’ve yet to see another connect-the-dots tattoo. Got my tattoo on August 25, 2007. The design was based on a really geometric giraffe drawing I found in 2003 (if anyone can find the name of the original artist I would be super appreciative!), but I modified it to have spots and be even more box-like. I love this tattoo so much…which makes it hard to walk down the street without starring at my own calf.

Via Flickr.

Design Your Own Dolls and Have Them Made For You!

Forbidden PlanetDagenefter is a service that allows you design a 3D model doll and then have it made and sent out to you. They are made in the UK and have a selection of clothing, shoes and glasses options. In the future they plan on adding skin tones (They are all currently a ghostly white), adding games, a tablet and mobile app (I assume for design?) and making them Toy Safe as well as allowing you to design your own clothing and patterns.


I think this is really cool, customer made toys are the way to forward.Muir Woods

Possibly The Creepiest Duvet Cover I’ve Ever Seen

I’m not sure i could bring myself to sleep int his bed… It is/was sold by HELLS BLANKETS who appear to no longer have a presence anywhere but MySpace, as their online shop is occupied by domain squatters… In a way i can sleep easier in the knowledge that no one else will have this on their bed.

I do secretly want this, but maybe for a guest room… My guests would never be able to escape the feeling they were being watched. Mwa ha ha ha!