Piranha Plant Short Champagne GlassesSet of 4 by BasementInvaders

Piranha Plant Short Champagne Glasses-Set of 4

These Piranha Plant Mini Champagne Flutes are quite nifty although you could make them yourself quite easily. You can also get Wine Glasses:

Piranha Plant Wine Glasses - Hand Painted Mario Inspired Set of 2 Glasses

As well as a variety of other hand painted Nintendo themed Glassware from BasementInvaders’ shop on Etsy.

Print Your Home Address Onto A Blanket or Napkins!

I remember when I was a kid one of my favorite things was a mat that had streets on it, I spend hours playing with it and my toy cars. Now you can get a map of your area printed on a blanket for your kids to play on courtesy of Soft Cities it’s quite steep at $175 though. You can also get street maps printed onto napkins though two packs of napkins costs $65…