Star Wars Characters Re-Imagined (Toys)

What do you get if you try to re-imagine the cast of the original Star Wars Trilogy as Cyber Punk Hackers? Artist Sillof has done just that. He’s also done a  2 series of steam punk, a 50’s TV science fiction serial, a Wild West, and a medieval set toys as well as Samurai and WWII sets…

He’s not included the names on the images for the other ones though above we have Sir Orion Kindros, and Below we have Capt. Hawk Solar.

Boba Fett has become Braxton Flash.

Chewy and Luke are Ch’aw Bok’lar and Lash Starwarrior.

Leia is Princess Lura and Dath Vader is Dark Vanquisher.

Storm Troopers become Starsoldiers.

Trusty old R2D2 and C3P0 are Rand-2000 and Cecil 3000

He seems to have deviated from the original trilogy by adding Darth Maul as Dark Apprentice for his steampunk set:

Boba Fett as Jacob Ferret and Darth Vader as Deth Valkor

If all this isn’t enough he’s endeared himself to me forever by making a steam punk Optimus Prime…

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