I Want To Print This Out On Cards And Keep It With Me When I’m In The Pub

This resonates with me or at least it resonates with a past me. I used to spend a lot of time in bars either reading or just taking in the ambiance. I didn’t necessarily go there for any social interaction just to people watch and to be around people.

And yet people have this insistence on singling out people who are alone and trying to encroach on the sanctity of their solitude, I wouldn’t mind but the people who have the balls to do this are normally either drunk out their skulls or really extroverted people, I don’t drink and I don’t get on well with extroverts…

One guy had the audacity to, having seen what I was reading, ask me what I thought about the death of one of the characters… I hadn’t gotten that far in the book, I could have murdered him.

I’d probably alter the text on the card to remove the romantic implications, I am not big headed enough to think that people come up to me to “Pick me up” but the general sentiment of “I’m alone because I want to be alone not because I have no friends.” is one that I wish I could pass onto people in such a succinct manner.

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How to dance

How To Dance

I stumbled across this little comic strip some time ago it tickled my fancy, I dance more like a flailing octopus than any of the “styles” highlighted above but it’s quire true that for a guy all you have to manage is what my friends and I colloquially call the “White Man Shuffle” and hey presto you are dancing.

There is lot more expectation on girls for some reason to dance to impress.

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Bubble Bobble Leggings!

Bubble Bobble Leggings Nothing like blowing and popping soap bubbles on a hot summer day. It’s even more enjoyable to blow bubbles in an air conditioned arcade with your favorite bubble dragons, Bub and Bob. Another pair of leggings inspired by arcade classics approaches the market. This paid of Bubble Bobble leggings is still a little spendy for leggings but cheaper than Mass Effect Leggings and Tetris Leggings. Leggings from Eat Me Clothing ($58)

Part of me wishes I was the kind of guy who wore leggings, sadly I’m not but that doesn’t make these Bubble Bobble Leggings from Eat Me Clothing ($58) any less cool.

They also sell Wonderboy Leggings:

Wonderboy leggings / Free shipping

If retro leggings aren’t your thing then maybe you want to play Commander Shepherd with these Mass Effect N7 Leggings from a totally different Etsy shop?

N7 Mass Effect Leggings / Pants


Personally I’m more for the retro leggings I think someone should make Magical Tree leggings. that game was whack!

I Can’t Help But See It…

This cropped up on a friend’s Facebook wall because they had gained a badge on Fitocracy a social network for fitness buffs.

I can’t help but see that as the beginnings of a Goatse…

I’ve Joined Fitocracy  myself, but at the moment I have 0 points because their sign up form is retarded and created two accounts for me one for the login that I provided and another when I tried to connect it to Facebook to import my contacts…

That’s why I’ve not got any points, not because I’ve not been doing any exercise… Honest…