The Avengers Has Turned the Internet Shawarma Crazy

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Words cannot describe my love for shawarma, if you aren’t familiar with shawarma it’s chicken or lamb or more recently beef cooked on a huge rotating skewer rolled up in flat bread with some vegetables sauce (Garlic sauce or tahina depending on the meat) and occasionally french fries (Although I think the french fries are not part of the traditional recipe) and it is what I grew up eating. It’s a staple food in the middle east, it costs about 50p (I reackon 75 cents?) and it absolutely delicious.

I’ve had shawarma in London, Glasgow and even Tokyo I think if you told me I could only eat one food for the rest of my life I’d pick shawarma. But enough about that. I’ve noticed the internet has picked up on shawarma because of a passing reference to it in the Avengers.

This can only be a good thing as it will hopefully lead to shawarma being more mainstream, which means that I will have access to it wherever I go!

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One thought on “The Avengers Has Turned the Internet Shawarma Crazy”

  1. I’m rather annoyed by the shawarma craze. It seems to be to be an indicator of how homogenised and culturally lacking the majority of American culture rather then any unique cultural phenomena. The opposite, of course, is the mile long queue for Krispy Kreme in Glasgow. Yeah they’re good doughnuts, but they aren’t that good or that exotic.

    I suppose I just don’t understand how people aren’t curious enough to seek out at least information on these things before popular culture gets there. I mean Wikipedia is RIGHT THERE.

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