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Scan Doctor Who Tardis PC case

Scan are selling a PC case/Motherboard combo that looks like the TARDIS, what more do you need to know? It starts at £935.99 including VAT and is a fairly reasonable computer.

I want to know if the fan make the TARDIS noise when the CPU is under too much load…

Via The Register.

Scan Doctor Who Tardis PC case

Miner Rescue!

Miner Rescue! by Alessandro Lino is a nifty little game with retro graphics, that will probably take you about 1o minutes to complete. Aliens have invaded and you need to go into the mines and rescue the miners, combat is best avoided to start with, as the aliens are tough but slow you can easily jump over them.

My only problem with this game is that it’s way too easy, it looks like the kind of retro game you’d find on a C64 or Spectrum, but completing it holds not satisfaction as there isn’t really much challenge to it.