Chocolate Fondue Lamp Shade

This tasty lamp shade was created by designer Alexander Lervik, it’s a chocolate pyramid over an incandescent light bulb. When you turn on the light he chocolate slowly melts and eventually you are left with a puddle of tasty chocolate goo to dip fruit, marshmallows, fingers or other body parts in.

I’m not entirely sure how it keeps the chocolate warm and melted once its in. The bowl, but I’m sure it has a way of doing that.

The Poetry of Light chocolate lamp, unlike other lamps, is completely dark when you first turn it on, mimicking light spreading along the horizon at sunrise. The heat from the lamp causes the chocolate to begin melting, and it takes several minutes for the first rays of light to penetrate. Holes soon form and as the light grows the chocolate melts. The material and structure of the lamp are the result of pure curiosity. Alexander Lervik wanted to explore the possibility of creating a contrast to light, i.e. dark. The shape of the lamp has been devised based on extensive testing involving the melting process.

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Snug by Kumeko


The Snug by Kemeko looks incredibly comfortable. It’s essentially a large padded sack for you to sit in, kind of like a walled bean bag, but I really like the concept. I’ve always liked being in snug places when reading or playing games. As a kid I vaguely remember cordoning off the area under my desk with a blanket and taking my torch with me so I could read in the small space.

The Sung costs between 416 and 620 Euros but there is a 35% discount on all orders placed before the end of February 2013!

If I had the money and the space to put one of these I’d probably buy one, but I sadly have neither…

It also works as an arm chair of sorts.
Or you can pretend it’s a giant barnacle monster! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!


L.A Noire Gag Reel Shows How Amazing The Tech They Used Was

The tech behind LA Noir took so long to develop that it bankrupted the developers that made it, however as this blooper reel shows it was well worth it. The motion capture technology captures everything from tongue waggling to sneezes.

Thanks @infinitysum (Website) for pointing this out to me.

Amazing Tron Dress

SDCC Tron Dress-16

SDCC Tron Dress-19SDCC Tron Dress-1SDCC Tron Dress-2SDCC Tron Dress-3SDCC Tron Dress-4

SDCC Tron Dress, a set by LJinto on Flickr.

This home made Tron inspired dress by LJinto on flickr is nothing short of inspiring.
Electro luminescent wire and tape put to good use I think…

Is Quorra a Disney princess?

Gangnam Style Acoustic Cover

This is actually a nice cover by Jayesslee.

Hi guys,

Happy New Year 2013! Some say that PSY’s Gangnam Style was sooo 2012, but we couldn’t help but cover this crazy hit song. Let us know what you think of our style of Gangnam Style! 🙂

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Janice and Sonia

Shot and edited by Panda Films (

Vi Hart’s Guide to Comments

In a surprisingly non mathematical related video Vi Hart talks about dealing with comments on the internet. While also playing with wax candles.

All of what she says is true, she’s developed a taxonomy of commenter and how to react to them, it all boils down to “Don’t let it get to you”