Google I/O My Take on the Big Picture

I didn’t plan on watching Google I/O yesterday, but I’d hit a lull in my code when it was about to start and I’m really glad I did.

I think the best way to look at Google I/O is to contrast it with an Apple Keynote, Google announced or built upon a lot of services that Apple provide to iOS users:

  • Chat Platform
  • Music Platform
  • Games Platform
  • App Services

Among others, but the crucial thing is that at no point did Google say that any of their new services were exclusive to Android or Chrome.

Google and Apple are both service and hardware vendors, they both sell you an ecosystem, an experience. But the difference is where Apple’s ecosystem is focused on providing services that lock you into their hardware, Google by contrast sells hardware that allows you to take advantage of their ecosystem.

Google don’t care if you use GMail or Google Maps from an Android phone or an iPhone, so long as you use GMail or Google Maps.

By contrast Apple need you to buy an iPhone, they don’t care if you use Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Nokia Maps, or even the Open Street Map Project. They want you to use those services on their shiny shiny devices, because they get a cut of any revenue made from apps on those devices.

One thing that I think gives Google the upper hand is that the cost of entry into their ecosystem is much much lower, and it doesn’t tie you to a particular device manufacturer. I can try GMail out on my iPhone and use it as my primary email, move to the web, or get an Android phone, it doesn’t matter and it’s free for me to do so.

If, however I want to try out Apple’s ecosystem, I HAVE to get and iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad all of which are expensive purchases. Apple only makes money if I fork out money for the device, given that once a user does get an iDevice they get locked into the ecosystem and most will find it very hard to migrate to another device, but that initial barrier to entry is fairly high.

I’m not sure whether the services to sell hardware or the hardware to sell services will prevail. It’s entirely possible that they will co-exist for a very long time, but the hardware to sell services does feel a little outdated to me.

Personally I think that it’s more likely that Google’s model will prevail in the end. The thing is that’s not going to stop me from say buying an iPhone, because even if I did I know I can take my Google services with me.

I know that this totally ignores Windows 8 and BlackBerry but there is a whole other blog post in that.

What do you think? I am completely wrong?

Tea Calendar

The Tea Calendar

This tea calender offering a different tea a day was sadly only produced as a promotional item by German tea company Hälssen & Lyon as a gift to ‘select business partners’.

The idea is apparently that you rip of the day’s “tea wafer”, which is made of preserved/compressed tea leaves, and seep it in hot water.

This needs to be a product that is on general release, although I’m not sure I could live with just one cup of tea a day, my current average it 5-10 cups a day.

Speaking of which… I think it’s time for a cuppa.

Via Laughing Squid

The Tea Calendar

The Tea Calendar

The Tea Calendar

The Tea Calendar

The Tea Calendar

The Tea Calendar

Zelda Handbag/Purse

Zelda Purse

If I were to ever consider getting a handbag I would have to get this one by Disturbingly Adorable on Etsy. It’s made of fabric with screen grabs from Zelda: A Link to the Past printed on it and it’s amazing!

it’s a shame that the inside is plain green fabric. I would have loved it to be invertible with the inside showing the dark world version of the outside.

It’s still really cool though and can be yours for $34.99 (£23.57) + p&p.

Zelda Purse

The same seller also does a Pac-Man variant of the same design as shown below, I’m torn…

Pac-Man Purse

Um… She also sells Zelda themed underpants with Navi saying “HEY” I’m not sure I approve… In fact I’m sure I don’t approve…

Zelda Underwear

Pipe Cleaner Okami Sculpture

Made entirely out of pipe cleaners by ~afiriti on deviantART this is quite cool, there are a number of other pipe cleaner wolves on their deviant art page, it’s like their whole life has been leading up to this moment. Where will they go from here?

Hat tip to Laura (Eternal Aranel)

Stegosaurus Tortoise Cosies

Remember that “guineapigosaurus” costume I posted a couple of years ago? No? Go check it out… Anyway I’m sure a lot of people with tortoises/turtles were really jealous that they couldn’t make their reptilian friends look just as adorable.

Well they need not be jealous any more! Etsy seller MossyTortoise sells patterns for you to knit stegosaurus tortoise cosies!

She also does shark and flower ones, but they aren’t as cool as stegosauruses!

PATTERN for shark fin cozy for tortoises

PATTERN for tortoise flower

Hat tip to the Frog Man

Which Poem Should You Read?


Want to read a poem but don’t know where to start? Book Riot have you covered. This flow chart will help you pick a poem to read to suit your mood.