GeoGuessr: Explore the World

GeoguesserGeoGuessr is a fun little game where you get shown a random Google Street View image and have to guess where in the world it is, you get given a score for how far away your guess is and after 5 locations you are given a final score.

It’s slightly addictive and I’ve discovered that I’m very bad at recognising places in Australia.


Science Fiction Movie Flow Charts (May Contain Spoilers)

Simulated Reality in Movies

I love seeing random* information displayed in new ways, which is why I love these two graphs by Mr. Dalliard on Simulated Realities and Time Travel in movies. Although I think the simulated realities one suffers from him trying to cram in too much information. The idea of placing the movies on a scatter chart with escape from reality Vs. escape from illusion and how old the films are as the axis is in it’s self interesting, but it makes the links in the chart really hard to follow.

The time travel one below doesn’t suffer from this as it’s just thematic yes no questions which is coloured by the type of time travel.

Time Travel in Movies

Via Laughing Squid

* Please excuse my deviation from the dictionary definition of random to one that has passed into common parlance. I’m am aware that randomness in a data set implies the lack of information.

Game of Thrones Beer Coasters

What more could you want than these tastefully designed beer coasters by Trendy Coasters made to look like the beer was brewed by various Wesrerosi factions? You get 4 for £16.50.

The also make beer bottles and Matchboxes.


Via The strange world of K, crisdias

Downton Abbey Magic The Gathering Cards

It’s often the case that you look for something and you find something else. Like these Downton Abbey Magic cards by Killscreen. While they are clever they do look like they were designed by someone who hasn’t played Magic before…

Clever card art by Daniel Purvis. Inspired in no small part by CollegeHumor’s TV show/RPG spoofs. Special thanks to Twitter pals @scd for his significant contributions, and @simonium for Mr. Bates’ special ability!


Neil Patrick Harris Magic the Gathering Card

I’ve only watched one episode of how I met your mother so Neil Patrick Harris is still Dougie Howser/the psychic guy in Starship Troopers to me. But I’m familiar enough with the various memes that have s spread across the tubes to find this amusing.