How To Draw Boobies! NSFW

This “guide” by (@meghanhetrick) Megan Hetrick was I assume created out of frustration of horny male artists not being able to draw actual normal breasts.

In her words:

SO. Being a woman who’s been “graced” (i use that loosely) with being generously endowed, one of my biggest peeves in the art world is that of improperly drawn boobies. Now i’m not knocking anyone’s knockers in particular, but if you’re trying to draw NATURAL boobies folks, pornos and nudie mags are NOT your best reference sources.

Again, that all goes out the door if that’s the look you’re trying for. But, this is for the folks who want the real thing.

For other references, here’s a good place to start: [link]

The rest of her art is mostly safe for work and pretty good, it looks like she’s leaving DA so here is her website.

Via Suicide Geeks

Comic Super Hero Print Leggings

Sadly no longer available, these Leggings from Romwe featured covers of various Batman comics on them. If you were able to invent a time machine and go back far enough for them to be available you could go and get them for $24.

Alternatively you could buy some leggings that they sell right now…

ROMWE Cartoon Beauty Print Color LeggingsROMWE Black And Red Poker Pattern PrintLeggingsROMWE Blue And White Porcelain Print Leggings

Via Fashion Tips From Comic Strips

LOVE HURTS: First Aid Kit for a Broken Heart

Created by Melanie Chernock in her own words:

Love Hurts was created based on an assignment to make an activity book. I thought it would be more interesting to make a sort of activity kit instead. From there, I came up with the concept of Love Hurts: A first aid kit for a broken heart. Initially, I knew that I did not want to make a kit of sadness and wanted to approach the product with a sense of humor. Love Hurts contains all of the essentials for going through a rough breakup such as dark chocolate, vodka, bubble bath soap, a candle with matches, candy hearts, a mix CD, and if all else fails, tissues. All of the products come neatly packaged in a compact kit. Unfortunately, the kit is not yet available to purchase. If anyone is interested in producing it, please get in touch!

This is a good idea and I’m sure some soulless gift card company will undoubtedly stumble onto it and make a shed load of money off the idea.

I’m not going to include all the close ups because you can see them on Melanie’s page but the track list of the CD is here:

If I ever needed this, and I hope I never do, I’d like a version with milk chocolate; because dark chocolate makes me gag.

Up Up Down Down Left Write: The Freelance Guide To Video Game Journalism

I’ve always wanted to be a Game Developer, failing that I think I could settle for being a Game Journalist, I just found Up Up Down Down Left Write: The Freelance Guide To Video Game Journalism by Nathan Meunier there is a sample chapter available online which I’m going to have a look at later. It could be interesting.

The book is set for release in hard cover and on Kindle on August 5th, although it doesn’t appear to be up for pre-order yet;

Suit up! Leggings That Look Like Armour!

Bionic Leggings - Size XXL Hot Pink - Printed Metal Robot Tights - Armor plate look

These awesome leggings from Mitmunk make it look like you are wearing body armour! The ones above kind of remind me of Priss from Bubblegum Crisis.

They also come in yellow and gunmetal black

Bionic Leggings - Size L Yellow - Printed Metal Robot Tights - Armor plate look

As well as this quite cool red armour and chain mail pair:

Armour Leggings - Size XXL Red - Printed Chainmail and Metal Tights - Armor plate look

Armour Leggings - Size XXL Red - Printed Chainmail and Metal Tights - Armor plate look

And a whole lot more, they cost just over £50 each + shipping.

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